2D Panel fails to load on multimonitor setup

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Postby thompsonpeters » Tue May 01, 2012 2:51 pm

I have a consistently repeatable issue loading a 2D panel into a full-screened multimonitor display. I am working with three monitors connected in SLI acting as one top primary screen with two additional monitors mounted below to act as secondary and tertiary screens (respectively) for use with instrument panels.

The issue appears to be similar to issues in the following topics:




Any time I load any complex 2D panel (either our own panels or stock panels, like the Garmin G1000) onto the main screen (the three connected monitors) when that screen is stretched across multiple monitors, I see this issue. The means of loading the panel doesn't matter - either loading the panel through a .flt causes the issue or loading it through the Views>Instrument Panel menu causes it.

I can mitigate this in two ways -

1) Use a saved .flt file that loads the 2D panels (undocked) on either the secondary or tertiary monitors - this still fails to load the panels, but by redocking and then re-undocking the panels they can load appropriately.

2) Resize the main screen to fit onto one of the monitors that comprise the primary display, load the 2D panels, undock them, and then resize the main screen to stretch over multiple monitors.

The symptoms of this issue are that I see no panel try to load at all, rather - if I try to load a 2D panel of this sort while my main screen is stretched over multiple monitors, I see no panel but I do see the "loading" circle flickering on the cursor. If I try one of the mitigation options above once the panel has failed to load like this, they will not work - I have to close and restart P3D to fix this.

The first mitigation option is not a difficult one, but most of my work is done in the multiplayer mission environment, and Prepar3D doesn't support loading presaved window configurations through a .flt file for multiplayer missions, so if I want to address this problem in a multiplayer mission, I need to use option 2 - and this is a time-consuming process.

Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

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Postby Justin Kleinert » Wed May 02, 2012 8:51 am


I posted an additional work around, as we look into the underlying cause, on topic 1003. I will post if any other solutions become available.


Good luck!


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Postby thompsonpeters » Wed May 02, 2012 12:11 pm

Thanks for the tip, Justin. I won't have the chance to try this for about a week, but as soon as the opportunity becomes available I will let you know of any successes.

My understanding is that this is a solution that really only works when paired with a saved flight, though (so that one can store the transparent panel's screen location)? Or would I be able to effect this solution by opening the transparent panel in its default location and then by opening the problematic panel in its (same) default location? This is something I'll test anyway, but it would be nice to be able to check my expectations going in. Thanks!

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