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Ground Friction Bug

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:36 pm
by funkyaz77
Hi LM,

Not sure where to put this topic, but ever since FSX right through to P3D V4.5 the ground handling has been awful and totally unrealistic, allow me to explain the issue. The taxi thrust needed for any airplane is too much, it feels like I am taxiing on grass! The plane is trying to escape tar to begin with, also this leads to unrealistic breaking distances as the planes come to an abrupt stop. I also cannot practice properly single engine taxi when in a twin turboprop. In real life I can use much less thrust then in the sim.

Please please can you look at the Ground Model with developers. Both PMDG and FSL whom I own products for state they have to bypass your ground handling SDK and hack it to ensure proper ground handling and correct rolling resistance. You have FSX people on the team and real life pilots please @mikeschroeter @adambreed @robmccarthy please can you fix this over 10 year old bug!


Duncan Odgers