My P3D

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My P3D

Postby logic28 » Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:49 pm

A couple of months ago I purchased P3d V 2.5 and haven’t been able to use it as it has a conflict with my PMDG touchscreen overhead panel which otherwise works perfectly in FSX.

No one from PMDG or LM has accepted responsibility for a feature that actually should depend on Windows and that clearly indicate their mistake.

However now P3D v3 is out and my question is:

Would I have to pay again for a software that I haven’t even been able to use ? .. AND? and more importantly, have they come out with a fix for the touchscreen issue?

LM did answer my original comment as follows:

Thank you for your message. The PMDG 737 is not a default aircraft in
Prepar3D, and presumably you purchased it as an add-on through another
company. For support for that add-on, you will need to contact the
company you purchased it through.

Please create a post on our Support Forums, accessible
A member of our technical team will respond to your forum posting as
soon as possible. We’re privileged to have you with us – thanks for
being part of the Prepar3D community.
Have a wonderful day!

The Prepar3D Team

But PMDG denies any responsibility blaming the simulator software so now I have acquired PMDG twice ( fsx & p3d) unnecessarily.

What should I do ?

Adam Breed
Lockheed Martin
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Re: My P3D

Postby Adam Breed » Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:41 am

Hi logic28,

While the Prepar3D team does our best to support third parties in developing their products, we are unable to assist their end-users in debugging their products, which is why our team generally suggests reaching out to the developer directly as they are responsible for their add-ons. If it is a core Prepar3D issue, we do our best to create fixes/work around as soon as is viably possible. Sometimes, it is hard to find the line of 'where it is broken' for end-users, especially when the issue is fairly rare.

With that said, could you provide more details on what the issue is that you are seeing?

Do you see the issue with any of the Prepar3D default aircraft? If so, that helps us narrow it down to our corner

What touchscreens, hardware, etc. are you using?

Prepar3D® Engineering Project Manager

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Re: My P3D

Postby logic28 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:27 pm

With that said, could you provide more details on what the issue is that you are seeing?

Hello Adam,
Firstly let me thank you for your prompt response.

I believe this to be a fairly simple issue to be tracked down as it relates to a standard Windows feature that allows a mouse gesture to be replicated by any touch screen within any known software.

All this is indeed true also with the PMDG-NG under the FSX environment where full touch screen functions are performed correctly.

In essence, when an object on the screen is touched once it emulates a “left Click” and, if held a little longer, (adjustable) it will instead operate as a “right Click”

That is not the case in P3D where only the first of the two functions is operative, namely the “left click”.

I initially assumed that PMDG overlooked something in the new P3D version of their 737 but, after careful testing with FSX version of the same vehicle within P3D, the problem is the same.

It seems like something in P3D might be interfering with the normal touch functions of Windows named ‘Touch Gestures”

In order to avoid bothering you unnecessarily, I first had several communication to and from PMDG but they do not appear to be so interested and their response was as follows:

>That would actually be an issue that Lockheed Martin would have to provide a fix
for. The control interaction is part of the simulation software so
without implementation by LHM, we can't implement it.

Paul Gollnick
Technical Support
PMDG Simulations, LLC <

I have noticed that the P3D Carenado Bonanza in the P3D V2x bundle works beautifully with touch-screens.

However it has a slightly different and better approach in order to achieve the panels controls movements and rotations possibly using a proprietary engine I favour of the standard Windows Touch Gestures.

I am sure you can appreciate the importance of realism and that of the “muscle memory” in flight simulation for serious Simmers(not gamers) hence the reason for having fitted an overhead panel in the correct physical position.

I would be very grateful if this small but essential functions could be tested in conjunction with the PMDG 737 in order to restore the functionality already previously enjoyed in FSX.

Sorry for the length of this message but I’ve tried to be as descriptive as possible within the scope of the problem.

Once again Many Thanks for you time

Kind Regards

Mauro Andreini

Touchscreen = HANNS-G HT231

Mobo = ASUS Z97 Sbertooth M1
Graphics = EVGA Gforce GTX 980
Memory = 16 Gb 1660
Cooling = Noctua ND-15
OS = Windows 7 64 Ultimate

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