Viewgroup - Warping only on first screen

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Viewgroup - Warping only on first screen

Postby micha1508 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:51 pm

Hi there,

I am using 3 projectors on my GTX 1070. I use FlyElise and Viewgroup in P3dv4.5 to warp the picture on my curved screen.
Everything worked perfect until I installed a new motherboard and stronger CPU. Since then only the main screen (my left monitor) shows the warped screen. Center and right screen are not warped. If I change the main screen to the center one, only that screen is warped.

I checked with FlyElise support and they don't find an error in my calibration files. They checked the log files and say that only my main screen is switching to full screen mode, when loading the scenery. Well, to me all screens look like full screen, as none of it has a the Window frame around it. So not sure, if to follow that path...

I also tried with a new calibration of the frustums, new clean p3d.cfg, new settings in Viewgroup Management. No change.

Hope, someone here can help.

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