Small feature request Scenery Library layer moving

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Small feature request Scenery Library layer moving

Postby bstikkel » Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:52 am

Hello LM,
At this moment, the only way to move the position of a scenery item in the Scenery Library, is to click the move up or move down button.
In case of manually adding scenery (which always inserts at the top of the list (e.g. reinstalling FSGlobal directories) after adding, one has to move one by one all the scenery layers very far down. At this moment it is stil only possible by clicking the button for every one step down. Holding the mousebutton down does not repeat the action. Neither there is a keypress alternative that can be hold to repeat the move down or move up action.

In FSX this was possible to hold the keybutton down and it repeated the move operation. This enabled reasonable quick moving.

Could you reïntroduce the FSX repeated move down and move up possibility in P3D again?
That would make organizing the Scenery Library a lot easier :-)

Thanks for considering and even more for adapting it
Kind regards
Bram Stikkel

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Re: Small feature request Scenery Library layer moving

Postby shermank » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:12 pm


I suggest you download and use the Lorby Add On Organizer for P3D...

Here is the link

scroll down to the organizer download link. There is a slight learning curve, but you will be able to move multiple entries. The main purpose of the software is to help organize the Add on files which use the xml format. If you use any ORBX scenery products, for example, it is a quick way to keep all add ons above ORBX, and all ORBX scenery above ORBX Land class.

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