Multiple Objects in 4.0 after update

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Multiple Objects in 4.0 after update

Post by Emile »

I have updated my "Basic" P3D to 4.4 (basic = NO ADDONS) When I started it I received several popups concerning "There are multiple objects … Sikorsky UH-60Q Black Hawk … Rotorcraft\UH-60"

For your info.

PS A pity I cannot add a screen shot
Emile EBBR
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Re: Multiple Objects in 4.0 after update

Post by Poppet »

Hello Emile

Try these steps to post an Image of the Forums 

1)  Go to

2)  Browse to the Image on your PC you want to add, Double click on the Image to add it. Or drag and drop the Image

3)  Then click Copy  (Middle Right)

4)  To add the Image on the Forums simply Right click on your mouse and click Paste 

5) Finally click Submit
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