P3Dv4 DDS Fileformat and BC7 Compression

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P3Dv4 DDS Fileformat and BC7 Compression

Postby Kaiii3 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:36 pm


I'm working currently on a freeware software project for installing AI Traffic into P3Dv4. During this process, the tool will install all kind of repaints from different sources in different formats. To get them all into the best format we have decided that all textures should be converted into DDS. We decided to use DXT1 or DXT5 as compression method, since this is the common method since years.

During my research on DDS files I came accros the "new" BC7 compression for DDS files, that is included in DirectX11. Since V4 supports DX11 I thought I could give it a try and convert a BMP DXT3 file into a DDS BC7 texture file, this resultet in a black texture on the model.

I converted the texture using "TexConv" from Microsoft.

My question is: Is there a reason why v4 can not display a DDS BC7 texture file, even it is running with DX11? And if so, will be there a fix for this?


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