New window with keyboard shortcut

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New window with keyboard shortcut

Postby newtie » Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:47 pm

Hi all-

I've got the helicopter autopilot installed on the Alabeo R66 and it's working pretty well now that Jorge has managed to get the crazy yaw issue under control. Here's what I'm trying to do and I'll start with a simple example.

On one of my AC, to open the Flight1 GTN750 I enter Shift +3 and the GPS window opens. Shift+3 again and it closes.
Now, code was provided to be added to the aircraft.cfg (see below) that allows the AP interface to show up. How do I assign a keyboard shortcut to open and close the heli AP interface as illustrated by the example above?
Thanks in advance,

3, Add or amend pannel.cfg to reflect


SCALEFORM_FILE = Autopilot\Autopilot.swf
background_color = 0,0,0

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