Massive FPS drop with landing lighs

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Re: Massive FPS drop with landing lighs

Postby vmounier » Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:47 pm

Hey Kevin,

Thanks very much for the follow-up! I will keep playing with the settings you mentioned to try and find a sweet spot. Dynamic lighting is an interesting new beast and I have not doubt that it has a great future and things will improve when V4 matures.

I assume that at this time the max light count variable is not selective, correct? How does it stop rendering lights when the limit is reached? Does it prioritize rendering order, or distance from the view oint, or aircraft lights?

And one last question, based on what seems to be maximum GPU use - a huge improvement over V3! - has LM had a chance to test SLI configurations in V4 and if so was there a marked performance improvement?


Vincent Mounier

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Re: Massive FPS drop with landing lighs

Postby PurdueKev » Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:42 am

While I can appreciate that the Dynamic Lighting in a given scene will place huge demands on the GPU, why is there such a drastic performance hit when you just turn your own landing lights on, even for the default aircraft? The actual illumination from your own set of landing lights (which shouldn't span a very large area) should not be such a drastic change that the fps of the entire scene drops so precipitously, should it?

At the moment, the Dynamic Lighting setting seem to be beyond the capability of my 980 Ti. There seems to be no realistic combo of settings that I can find that offsets the penalty when the landing lights are turned on, except in the most sparsely populated scenery. So at the moment I have it switched off when flying around any sort of denser locale.

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