Imposible to fly for now. OOM at 5-10 minutes

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Postby Japo32 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:06 pm


I have been making 2 flights with Prepar3D v2 in FTX PNW area. Departuring KBVS and going to the East. Both times 10 minutes of flying I have an OOM issue.

The rest of things are default, flying with the A36. The sliders are at high (not the highest), and I downgraded Lod_radius to 4.5 instead of the 6.5.

I have the same scenary in FSX with more or less same visual quality. Made several times that flight in the same area and never had an issue.

To compare VAS memory of both sims, I do this:

1. load the carenado plane in LEMT by day

2. Switch to KBVS.. will be night. Switch to day

The VAS in Prepar3D v2 is:

LEMT loaded (1600mb) - KBVS night loaded (2055mb) - KBVS day changed (2140mb)

The VAS in FSX DX10 fixer version with the Baron58 from Carenado (same quality plane)

LEMT loaded (1580mb) - KBVS Night Loaded (1769mb) - KBVS day changed (1992mb)

well.. In both sims I have installed the same. FTX Global loaded in LEMT and then FTX PNW in KBVS. The plane is different but similar and of course both sims are different but I put almost the same quality to prepar3D as I had in FSX.

As you can see the differences in numbers are not so big.. But enough to not have an OOM in FSX. Seems when flying Prepar3D that it don't clean some memory and it saves it increasing it time by time. As you can see in the change from LEMT to KBVS:

Prepar3D add 450mb and FSX less than 200mb.

Is there any bug inside of the memory administration in prepar3D maybe? I know that this test is not made with default prepar3D.. but we are going to put all addoms, in scenaries, planes.. So If I have this problem with FTX.. I cannot imagine with the future PMDG planes or other ones.

I know that this is the 1.0 version, that still needs to improve and will do. That is my faith in it. For now I cannot make any flight with it. I could lower the visual settins, I know.. But then, I would have better results in FSX a sim that is years older than this one.

And my computer is not bad.

i7 Quad core 4.200Mhz Overclocked

Nvidia 780 with 3 gb vram

16gb ram in windows 7 64bits ultimate edition (I know that 32bits only manages less than 4gb).

I know it is far away from your considerations.. but please make an 64bits version of P3D v2. You can always leave the 32bits version also there for maintaining the compatibility with old addoms. Change will come from them in future.

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