P3Dv5.1 - Nvidia Vsync - Screen Tearing in Game

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P3Dv5.1 - Nvidia Vsync - Screen Tearing in Game

Postby WinstonWolf » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:12 pm

Hello ,

Can it be that P3Dv5.1 dont support anymore the Vsync Options from Nvidia Controlpanel ?
In the earlier Versions i use Tripplebuffer , Locked 30 FPS and Vsync Adaptiv 1/2 Refresh Rate .
So i can play Smooth with my 60 Hz 4K Monitor without Stutters. Locked at 30 with Vsync 1/2 Refresh from 60 Hz was also 30 and therefore an smooth flying.

When i try any Vsync Setting in Nvidia Controlpanel now with 5.1 i have strong Screen Tearing .
Does anybody else use my Nvidia Settings ? Thanks for Feedback .
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