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I have been doing some work with popup config menus using templates of the FS98FLOAT and FS98CHILD window classes that are created by P3D for undockable gauges, viewports, and Panel cfg entries. This gave me a couple of ideas for some external hardware plans that I have.

First of all, just to make sure i understand correctly, when a child window is created by the panel cfg to be mapped to the virtual cockpit, is there a special process that has to be done first that links a particular child window with a VC texture or does P3D just look for a child window that has the right window title and is created from the FS98CHILD class?

Second, does the sensor camera do the same as the panel cfg in creating a child window like the panel cfg does that is mapped to the VC?

If so, can I use the IDirect3DDevice9 instance that is accessable from the DirectX gauge system to get hold of the image surface of any child window (assuming it is being rendered to by DirectX) to copy it to my popup windows (which are undocked) which i can then display on other screens (home built cockpit) and if so how would i go about it?


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