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Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:46 am
by lionheart
I just want to thank Lockheed Martin for the 3DS Max/Gmax Materials for making planes, (Plexi, exterior, chrome and props). Many many thanks.

I remember when FSX first came out, how hard it was to get things to work right. I have seen SOOOOOO many new plane builders coming into the forums just trying to figure out how to make Plexi. I have been pouring through the SDK and things like the Materials just really is a blessing for not just us that have been doing this for years, but for all the people that will be getting into this in the next several years. It will help them immensely.

Thanks Lockheed for good tools to work with and for excellent SDK examples for us to go by.



Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 11:58 am
by wardorichie
Can anyone out here in the FSD community please direct me to step by step instructions on how to apply texture mapping in 3ds max, in order for Prepar3d to see the textures?

I have found the teapot page, where it covers the material types: ie.....diffuse, specular....etc... these work just fine. However, when I apply a map, even after I run it through image tool, convert it to dds. I then bring it into 3ds max, into the flightsimx diffuse map.

In Prepar3d, my object comes in completely black.

I have spent sooooo much time, tweeking all settings, going through step by step with all information from FS Developer, bouncing back and forth with Bill.... I have attemepted to take a .dds map (propdisk) out of the simobjects folder......I am having zero success.

If anyone has an updated, step by step that they can point me to...I would be so very greatful.

I am using photoshop and 3ds max.

Right now, I just want this simple object....a teapot. With a simple texture map (not necessaryly with alpha, yet) to come into prepare with new material.

Thank you so very much!


Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 10:31 am
by Clifton Crane
Hi Rich,

It sounds like you have followed the correct steps when applying the material. Do the textures appear properly in 3dsMax? If so, did you copy the texture files into the correct texture directory of your scenery?

Example for scenery:

Addon Scenery/My Scenery/scenery/ <~ scenery .bgl files

Addon Scenery/My Scenery/texture/ <~ texture .dds files

Example for SimObjects:

SimObjects/Airplanes/Teapot/model/ <~ teapot.mdl

SimObjects/Airplanes/Teapot/texture/ <~

-- For SimObjects, be sure you have the "model=" and "texture=" entries in the "aircraft.cfg" file correct.

Of course, your directories and filenames will be different, but hopefully this will help.

- Clifton