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Postby vertigo » Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:24 pm

Hey Guys,

Been deep in SimConnect code over the last few weeks and I've been disapointed with the latest doc's. The biggest issue would be:

(1) Search - search results are not very intuitive and don't provide any detail on section, chapter, index, etc. Once you find the page there is no way to search through the page for the keywords. This is a real pain when you are dealing with a document that could be 20 pages.

(2) Scaling of the window is fixed and this also makes for a lot of work scrolling back and forth trying to read a full sentence.

(3) Copy - If you highlight text and right click with mouse there is no Copy menu. Only way to copy is with Ctrl-c

In general the current interface is very difficult to work with. Most times I just refer back to the old ESP doc's which are a simple .chm file and very effective.

Could you not post a .chm of what you currently have?



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