Feeding stock objects from external sim

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Feeding stock objects from external sim

Postby Mike Flan » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:41 pm

I have seen similar questions being asked here before and also checked all the samples, but couldn't find a definitive answer to this:

I'm trying to feed external aircraft / helicopters into P3D, but except for providing basic information (position, orientation, etc.) I want to use the already available models (e.g. the stock F-16). The data is provided at a high rate (e.g. 50 Hz) to achieve smooth movements.

The "LinuxSimulationIntegration" sample project seems to be the best reference, but it uses it's own specialized model configuration.

Ideally, I would want to keep all the existing visual effects / sounds of already existing models (e.g. rotor blades) without having to re-implement them somehow.

I'm trying to achive this using the PDK /ISimObject API, but am struggling with some very basic questions:

1. Should I just use ISimObjectManager::CreateObject to create a stock object and overwrite the position in every frame (although this means I'm "fighting" the stock simulation that is still running)?

2. Is there any benefit of registering a new behavior to stock objects that overwrite the position?

3. Or should I create my own ISimObject + ISimulation? Can I still use stock models with this approach or would I have to supply specialized models for this work?

4. How would I set gear / flaps animation state or aircraft light state, which might be also provided by the external sim?

Many thanks!

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