Prepar3D v5 Hot Fix 2 - Weather Problems

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Prepar3D v5 Hot Fix 2 - Weather Problems

Postby Opus Software » Thu Jun 25, 2020 6:14 am

Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta)

Basically, there's still no precipitation displayed and still severe sky/cloud flicker during weather station creation and weather station updates (using METAR injection or the PDK).

There is still severe sky/cloud flicker each time a weather stations are created and also each time weather is injected into either a new or an existing (Prepar3D) weather station, irrespective of where the stations are located (e.g. they can be 80+ miles away). The flicker occurs both with METAR and PDK weather updates.

As before, the severe sky/cloud flicker makes the new Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) mode totally unusable in all but Theme mode.

There is no sky/cloud flicker when the Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) is turned OFF.

No Precipitation

There is still no precipitation depicted when on the ground. No precipitation rates will display rain or snow. Note, only one single layer of cloud specified to generate precipitation down to 0 or even -1500 feet.

The precipitation is depicted correctly, as expected, as soon as the Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) is turned OFF.

Basically the Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) mode is unusable unless weather themes are injected and there's no precipitation.

Good news:

The other reported problems with ambient winds cycling and shifting appears to have been corrected and works very well.


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