Attach Targeting Pod to a SimObject other than Aircraft.

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Attach Targeting Pod to a SimObject other than Aircraft.

Postby tauseefAhmed » Mon May 04, 2020 7:36 am


I want to attach targetingPodView Camera to a simObject and attach the object to the Aircraft.
I know how to create an AttachPoint on Aircraft, and how to attach TargetingPodView camera to an AttachPoint.
But what I don't know, is to attach the view to the Object (the one attached to an AttachPoint) itself rather than on the attachPoint.

Please take a look at image in the url below.

Here I have an AMRAAM attached to an AttachPoint. I want to Attach my TargetingPodView to this AMRAAM model such that if I release the AMRAAM, TargetingPodView moves along with it.
And if I change the AMRAAM model's orientation, the TargetingPodView also gets oriented with it.
That is, the Pitch, bank & heading of the TargetingPodView camera would be oriented with respect to PBH of the AMRAAM, rather than that of Aircraft.
(Take a look at the other AMRAAM attached to the Left Wing Tip)

Can anyone from LM help me if this is possible?

Thank you very much for your time.

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