D3D11 RTT in v5

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D3D11 RTT in v5

Postby BenBaron » Sat May 02, 2020 2:49 pm

Hi guys,

I am trying to port some D3D11 render-to-texture functionality over from v4 to v5 before completely migrating the code to D3D12, which will take quite some time. According to this SDK article it should be possible:
https://prepar3d.com/SDKv5/sdk/pdk_api/ ... rview.html

My problem is now, that the D3D11SampleInlineRenderer in the example is derived from an ominous public ICustomRenderCallback (D3D11SampleInlineRenderer : public ICustomRenderCallback), which I simply cannot find anywhere in the SDK headers. I suspect it to be defined in the "RS_IPluginSystem.h" which gets included..which I also cannot find. Under point 4 in the documents it reads:
"Update the Include Directories path to include the paths to: Pdk.h and RS_IPluginSystem.h <Prepar3D SDK Path>\inc\PDK\", but it simply is not there.

Can someone shed a light on how this is supposed to work? Or maybe this is some leftover and the D3D11 capabilities aren't there anymore at all in v5?


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