P3d homecockpit flight simulator with LUA

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P3d homecockpit flight simulator with LUA

Postby ismailsurek » Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:47 pm


hi to all
i makeing B737 homecockpit so i have Questions about OUTPUT LIGHT INDICATORS for Lua

i using P3D v4.5 , PMDG 737 and FSUIPC
i am using all input of my homecockpit simulators switch button and commutator... all inputs with pmdg Event ID descriptin LUA
i was used multiple multiplexer for input and 10 pcs mux can connect 1 arduino have 160 pin under Multiplexer ( i was used 74HC4067) with Lua Script..
this is fine and INPUT's are working properly

** And also
Now i use mobiflight but all LED needs 1 pin of Arduino mega
So my plan is the using shifht register without mobiflight which possible to get 64 pcs output by 1 pin of arduino mega


i want to use LED indicator with Lua for OUTPUT, according to the pmdg 737 ofset

can anyone help me how to read from FSX or P3D _?

ismail SUREK
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