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Postby JeeHell » Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:43 pm

Hello LM team,

Congratulations on P3D V5, so far the performance increase from my side is really great, and I love the new clouds renderings with Simul TrueSky.

I read somewhere (I think the interview on FSElite) that a weather radar should be made possible with default P3D tools (I guess either Simconnect or PDK?). I have been looking in the V5 SDK, and I cannot really see anything that may help developing such a weather radar.
My understanding of TrueSky (from their website and SDK I could read there) is that clouds are generated by their framework, so that would mean a more direct knowledge of where clouds/precipitations are, and also to generate specific weather at any location.

This brings me to make a few requests on the weather engine side:
  • Please if that is somehow possible open up a performant programmatic way of scanning for clouds/precipitations at any given LAT/LON/ALT
  • Please open up a way to set weather with local accuracy at a LAT/LON/ALT (for instance, place a TS cell at a precise location)
These items are mandatory when you seek to reach FSTD certifications (FAA/EASA) and those would be very helpful.

Jean Luc

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