P3Dv4 PBR and Windshild rain Effect

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P3Dv4 PBR and Windshild rain Effect

Postby pillack01 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 5:05 am


I wanted to ask briefly whether it is possible to put PBR material and a PBR texture on a windshield in P3Dv4 and also to get the WindshildRainEffect.

We are currently working on a Chevrolet Suburban and with P3Dv4 material we are getting a wonderful raindrop effect. We would like to add a few scratches and inclusions to the windshield in order to get an even more appealing representation. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that we get the rain effect with PBR material.

Chevrolet Suburban with P3Dv4 Material - not PBR Material
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