Different Eyepoint with PDK

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Different Eyepoint with PDK

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We have managed to get the eyepoint offset from the PDK using GetCameraOffset() successfully. We have also successfully gotten data from GetLLARadians and GetPBHRadians.

However, using GetCameraOffset() only gives us the offset from the default Virtual cockpit eyepoint, as it is specified in aircraft.cfg. When switching to a different virtual cockpit camera, the output from GetCameraoffset() is frozen to the last known position of the default eyepoint and does not update to correspond with the current camera and its position.

Therefore, the question is: how do we get from the PDK the active camera the user has switched to and gives the eyepoint offset for that camera?
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Re: Different Eyepoint with PDK

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are you sure you are actually working on the current ICameraSystem? I am constanly checking GetCurrentWindow() and GetCameraSystem() and see whether they are returning different objects than the ones I am doing calculations on. Once I figured this out, everything has been working out quite well.

Greets, Benny
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