Exception occurred when client event tried to mapped to simulation event (SimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent)

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Exception occurred when client event tried to mapped to simulation event (SimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent)

Postby yakupc » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:47 am

I have two applications used to control an aircraft in P3D : 1- SimpleAirplane project developed with PDK API in SDK examle projects, 2- A console application developed with SimConnect API. There is no problem to add client events to notification group when any aircraft provided by P3D is selected. After selecting SimpleAirplane as a vehicle from P3D, I realized that console application cannot map to sim event or add client event to notification group (SimConnect_AddClientEventToNotificationGroup). Following exceptions are received for SimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent and SimConnect_AddClientEventToNotificationGroup function calls. SimConnect_GetLastSentPacketID funtion is used to make sure which call cause the exceptions.

SimConnectException (SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_UNRECOGNIZED_ID) : NAV1_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC : SimConnect_AddClientEventToNotificationGroup

There is no problem with SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent function call used to subscribe system events (SimStart, SimStop).

I don't know why SimpleAirplane cause this problem.
Is there anything needs to be implemented in the projects developed with PDK API to map client events to simulation events?

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