Considerable lag in SimConnect_BeginVideoStream

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Considerable lag in SimConnect_BeginVideoStream

Postby shouvik1984 » Thu Jun 11, 2020 8:27 am

Hi All,

I see severe lag in the view that is opened with SimConnect_BeginVideoStream. The window resolution is 1152*768 and the frame rate is limited to 30fps in Display Settings. The lag is ~1s between the view window and vlc window

I am using the following sdp setting

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v=0 o=-0 0 IN IP4 s=No Name t=0 0 m=video 49000 RTP/AVP 96 c=IN IP4 a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000 a=fmtp:96 packetization - mode = 1
and the output settings are

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SIMCONNECT_DATA_VIDEO_STREAM_INFO settings = { "", //Source "", //Destination 49000, //Port 1152, //Width 768, //Height 30, //FPS 36000000, //BPS 0 };//.H264 encoding

I also referred this Thread but no solution out of it.
Best Regards
Shouvik Das

P3Dv4.4 Windows 10 x64 Core i7-8700K GTX1080Ti 32GB DDR 3600MHz

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