SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList Fails to Return Airport Data

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SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList Fails to Return Airport Data

Postby Clipper Ocean Spray » Sun Apr 19, 2020 9:14 pm

For P3Dv5 (SimConnect and P3Dv4.5.13 (SimConnect

The SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList function often fails to reliably provide airport data from within the user's current reality bubble when a flight scenario is first loaded, a new scenario loaded or when the user goes to ("navigation/go to...") a new airport.

When this failure occurs, the only way to get correct airport data is to build (not load) and activate a flight plan ("navigation/flight planner") using the user's current airport as the "departure location." Thus, the method used to re-initialize facility data upon a flight plan "build and activate" step should also be used when the user loads a scenario or manually relocates (i.e., "go to") a new airport.

Sometimes, the RequestFacilitiesList does work properly when a scenario is loaded or the user relocates to a new airport, however the function is far from reliable.

This issue causes repercussions when programming in SimConnect. For example, I write SimConnect AI utilities that need airport facility data within the user's reality bubble, however instead of relying on in-sim data (which is up-to-date and correct for the user's sim configuration and focused on the user's current reality bubble), I may have to rely on a large and duplicative external airport database that has to separately distributed, queried and maintained.

The SimConnect documentation states re: RequestFacilities that "hysteresis is built into the system" as the user aircraft moves. While I understand the reasons for hysteresis as the user's vehicle moves, it should also be the case that a user manually jumping to an airport (e.g., initially loading a scenario at sim start, loading a new scenario or using "go to") results in the facility data for the user's reality bubble being immediately provided. Again, the build and active flight plan function correctly re-initializes the SimConnect facility data to the user's current reality bubble (as mentioned above).

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