WeatherSetObservation seconds parameter ignored (custom weather)

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WeatherSetObservation seconds parameter ignored (custom weather)

Postby Highflyer525 » Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:40 am


I'm injecting weather into Prepar3d V5 using VB.NET with the latest SimConnect and SDK, Visual Studio 2019 and .NET 8.0.

I can set the weather perfectly, either from a global perspective or on a per station basis.

However, it is my understanding after reading the documentation, that when setting the weather on a per station basis (I'm talking standard built in stations at this point,) the seconds parameter is used to provide a merge period over which existing weather merges into new weather over X number of seconds.

[in] Handle to a SimConnect object.
[in] Specifies the time in seconds that the current weather should merge into the new weather. This delay only applies to clouds in a custom weather setting, not to global or other weather settings (where the change will take place almost immediately).
[in] Null-terminated string containing the METAR data.

However this is ignored. I know it's supposed to be ignored when setting globally, but not when setting custom weather per station.

I'm setting the weather as follows:

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p3d_simconnect.WeatherSetObservation(seconds, METAR) p3d_simconnect.WeatherSetModeCustom()

Example METAR

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EGNT 161350Z AUTO 08011KT 050V130 9999 FEW014 SCT032 OVC039 11/06 Q1020

On every occasion the weather changes instantly and the clouds jump.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?



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