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To LM: Proposal SimConnect + UTF-8, please confirm as read

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:30 am
by FSTramp
SimConnect handles file paths so far in 8-bit coding, local character sets other than Latin are not supported. I suggest passing file paths as UTF-8 in the future. This supports Asian languages, but backward compatibility is still preserved. Since add-on developers use the SimConnect.lib version 4.0 for compatibility reasons also in the future, the character transfer must also be made here as UTF-8.
Affected functions are SimConnect_FlightLoad, SimConnect_FlightSave, SimConnect_FlightPlanLoad, SimConnect_AISetAircraftFlightPlan, SimConnect_CaptureImage, the events FlightLoaded, FlightSaved, FlightPlanActivated, FlightPlanDeactivated, and the system state FlightLoaded and FlightPlan.