Multiple P3D SimConnect version

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Multiple P3D SimConnect version

Postby kwb » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:35 pm

I wonder how do you ship your SimConnect applications. In the past we used to have FSX SimConnect still working with P3D, but lacking the new P3D API functions. FSX SimConnect is dynamically linked and did not change over years (since there was no progress with FSX)

However, shipment was easy. We could simply use the SinConnect.dll of the user or ask the user to copy that dll into our older, or we could deliver that dll which was compatible with almost every FSX version (as there was no progress in development).

Now to P3D with the new API, 64bit: We have static linking and the API changes. So there is no “copy your SimConnect”. In our testing we found that the lib itself seems to work with newer version, but not the other way round. So I cannot compile something for 4.3 and use it for 4.2, but the other way around seems to work (4.2 -> 4.3). Then there are the new functions, so API functions which are not available with 4.2 but with 4.3. Of course the application itself has to handle the situation if a function is not present, but it also creates a driver nightmare.

We would need to compile a driver for each version and ship that. So we have at least 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and then 5.x. How do you guys handle that in your projects?
Ok, one solution is just to stick with the old SimConnect, as long it is supported.

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