SimConnect issue with Aerosoft F-14X add-on

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SimConnect issue with Aerosoft F-14X add-on

Postby PlaneCpt » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:46 pm


Platform: P3D V3.4.22.19868
Add-on: Aerosoft F-14X V3.0
Issue: Non-responsive weapons configurator.
TacPack: Negative

Everything used to work for years with the F-14, until I tried to install V3. Reverted back to V2.02, didnt matter.
I have this issue that the weapons configurator does not seem to work properly (all weapons are selected and loaded, and I cannot unclick them). This issue was known to be solved with SimConnect, but unfortunately either I am not managing to install it properly, or it somehow is not the solution to this particular problem anymore. Can anyone help me with some advice? I have tried everything I was able to research on my own, tried re-installing everything several times, etc... so I just have no clue at all whrere even a ballpark to a solution could be.
Please, please, please I need this add-on to work. I am fighting with this issue since half a year allready, i am starting to go insane....

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Re: SimConnect issue with Aerosoft F-14X add-on

Postby WarpD » Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:08 am

You should be taking this up with Aerosoft as it is their product and they would know best what is actually going on with it.
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