Issues with CreateEffect and RemoveEffect

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Issues with CreateEffect and RemoveEffect

Postby obinder » Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:51 am

Hello @ll,

we are having issues with the SimConnect methods to place effects. (P3D V4.3)

1) If you place effect Controllers into the sim, they cannot be removed again. It doesn't matter if you use CreateEffect/RemoveEffect or if you attach them to a SimObject and create/remove that. The Controller always stays behind, and it will even survive a disconnect of the client that created it (unlike every other item).

2) Effects look and behave differently depending on how you create them. Especially large effects that cover ground (like the forest fires) look different if you create them as an element of the scenery, with CreateEffect or attached to a simobject. They are often tilted at an angle, or change their pitch/bank orientation by 90 degrees

3) Effects that are placed with CreateEffect are susceptible to what your own aircraft is currently doing. For example, if you are in slew mode, going upwards, an effect placed at altitude 0 will distribute its emitters upwards too (=the particles are emitted above ground level). But if you keep still, effects are placed correctly, flush with the ground.

Especially the first one is a real problem in our use cases, as it makes programmatic use of complex effect arrangements impossible.

Best regards
Oliver Binder

on behalf of Wildfire Training Solutions inc.

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