Setting Bank Angle in Autopilot

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Setting Bank Angle in Autopilot

Postby ksetrum » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:52 pm

Is it possible to set the desired bank angle while the autopilot is turned on? I have an external FMS that calculates the bank angle/roll to maintain course. In XPlane this is a simple command to set the flight director pitch and bank angles. I don't see an equivalent in the Simconnect API.

Mike Schroeter
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Re: Setting Bank Angle in Autopilot

Postby Mike Schroeter » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:08 pm

Hi Kyle,

Unfortunately that is not a supported capability of the core AP. Desired pitch and bank values are determined by higher level modes, e.g. NAV, Heading, Altitude. In other words you can't replace the intermediate logic that sits between the high level modes and the low level aileron and elevator controllers.

One option would be to simply keep the AP in Heading and Altitude modes and feed those parameters, allowing the core AP to drive the pitch/bank. Other developers have had success completely disabling the core AP in the aircraft.cfg and creating your own. This would require modeling the low level controllers to update the control surfaces and/or yoke positions. This could be done through the IBaseObject::RegisterService, Panel/Gauge API. SimConnect is possible, but you may run into asynchronous issues.

Hope this helps,

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