VC camera movement due to accelleration

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VC camera movement due to accelleration

Postby lequinne » Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:37 am

Hi folks,

I have a wee bug report/feature request:

The virtual cockpit camera moves due to acceleration in the sim, which is great. However, it does not take into account acceleration/velocity values that I set through SimConnect. So when I'm attached to my custom catapult/holdback/tiedown and the velocity is locked to zero, my head still gets slammed back by the "acceleration" when I advance the throttle, despite the fact that the aircraft is going nowhere. Ditto turbulence that I add by setting body accelerations. It is working and moving the aircraft nicely, but is basically imperceptible in the cockpit, because the camera acceleration algorithm does not take it into account. If that could be somehow changed in a future version (or if you could suggest to me a workaround) that would be absolutely stellar.

That's all, thank you guys for listening.


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