Simconnect_TransmitClientEvents problem

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Simconnect_TransmitClientEvents problem

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I do have trouble with some Simconnect_TransmitClientEvents.

AS an example I use the below command to decrease the ADF values when rotating a knob on my hardware. The ADF value changes in the sim, but not as I want to.


where the enum EVENT_ADF_WHOLE_DEC is mapped to key "ADF1_WHOLE_DEC"
that reads
"Decrements ADF 1 by 1 KHz, with carry as digits wrap"

Lets us say the ADF value is 1430.8 in the sim. When I rotate the knob the sim value changes to 1330.8, 1230.8 ....It should have been like this: 1429.8, 1428.8 ......

It does not change the least significant digit before the decimal

The Event command is using 0 as the EventData. Is there another value I can use instead of the "0"
to get it correct.

This problem is also for other sim Events, like HDG(Heading_Bug), and CRS(VOR_OBI_)
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