AIRSPEED INDICATED Set through SimConnect issue?

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AIRSPEED INDICATED Set through SimConnect issue?

Postby zamirk » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:12 am

Hi everyone,
i am trying to set INDICATED AIRSPEED from simconnect library, but P3D shows arbitrary behaviour while setting INDICATED AIRSPEED through simconnect for e.g when i set 420 knots INDICATED AIRSPEED then P3D shows 450 knots on 10k altitude and when i set 300 knots P3D shows 330 knots on same altitude.
But TRUE AIRSPEED set through simconnect is working fine, P3D shows actual true airspeed which i set from simconnect.

i don't why this happen with me!
Is INDICATED AIRSPEED includes other environment parameters or any issue on my side?
Any one from LM?



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