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View position w.r.t to CG of the A/C

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 3:35 am
by shouvik1984

My objective is to correlate a camera view with the IMU measurements having corrected for the homogenous transform between the IMU and Camera location.

I am using a view to simulate a camera stream. The Camera Configuration allows us to position the camera at location w.r.t to an Origin. I am using the Origin as "Center". The PBH (in degrees) and XYZ (in meters) w.r.t to the origin allows me to get the correct view.

I wish to know what is the relation between Origin = Center and Reference Datum Point (RDP) and CG of the A/C. As I understand the RDP lies at a mentioned offset ( feets in .cfg file) from "standard center point" (SCP). The SCP is said to be aft of leading edge of the wing where centerline chord and longitudinal axis meet. The Center of Gravity (cg) is mentioned at an offset in feets from RDP.

So I want to get a proper understanding of the coordinate system applied by the P3D physics engine and the if the IMU/INS readings are generated at the cg position as mentioned in .cfg file.

The clarity in the coordinate frames is something is required to complete the objective mentioned at the beginning of this post