Pilot Tutorial for Bones, Skin, Animation?

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Pilot Tutorial for Bones, Skin, Animation?

Postby lionheart » Tue Jan 22, 2019 7:52 pm

Hello all,

I am trying to make a pilot animate using Bones and the Skin modifier; single mesh for the pilot, with separate animations on him, like the early FSX pilots had.

I have found one single tutorial by Chuck Jodry on YouTube.

I cannot seem to get mine to work. I get a deforming arm when doing throttle animations. I cannot seem to use IK Limb Solvers to animate him.

The Jetway tutorial page (2 photos) does not seem to explain much concerning doing a pilot. Just a Jetway ramp layout of bones. Also, the Jetway has IK handles, but if I put in IK Solvers (they have handles) it breaks the export and you must delete the pilot or start over from a previous save without using the IK solver to restore animations on the plane (all animations break with IK Solver, Limb type).

Been working at it for over a week, would like to get this working. Any ideas on how to keep models from deforming? Any more tutorials that I missed besides the Jetway ramp and Chucks ancient tutorial from many years ago? Anything modern that shows how its done?

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