P3D v4.4 and PBR

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P3D v4.4 and PBR

Postby LeonardoSH » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:41 pm

Hi there, my name is Stefano Porrà and I'm part of the devteam at Leonardo SH for the Maddog X.
We have already implemented PBR in our external model, and we are testing the VC at the moment, but there are a couple of questions we'd like to ask you.

We’ve noticed that in your F-16, some set include _specular textures.
It doesn’t seem to be documented, in the SDK, if and how these textures needs to be applied to PBR materials.

We would like to understand if the specular antialiasing problem (jagged edges) some of our users are experiencing, could be caused by an incorrect mapping of those specular textures.

Another question is if there's a list of the supported suffixes.

Kind Regards
Stefano Porrà - Leonardo SH

George Crudo

Re: P3D v4.4 and PBR

Postby George Crudo » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:09 pm

Hi Stefano,

The PBR Materials on the F-16 and in general shouldn't be using specular textures. The F-16 still has some non-PBR Materials contained in the model like on the panels and screens for example. Materials like that could still contain specular maps, but it should not be a concern when creating and applying new PBR Materials.

As for supported suffixes, I'm not sure what you mean. What type of suffixes are you wondering about in regards to support?


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Re: P3D v4.4 and PBR

Postby meekg » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:37 am

As for supported suffixes, I'm not sure what you mean. What type of suffixes are you wondering about in regards to support?
We understand some platforms accept only specific filename suffix (e.g. _metallic, _albedo, _specular, _bump).
Is there any restriction on P3D for these suffixes; is there any standard recognized format? Could the files not be recognized and processed in case of a non standard format?

With regards to the aliasing problem we have a large number of users who experience "jagged edges" when in outside view and zoomed out.
The problem can occasionally be solved by using FXAA ON, while other users do not experience it at all even with FXAA OFF.
We are not really sure if the problem originates from the platform shaders, user settings or any setting in our model.
Do you have any suggestion?
Is there any possible solution we could try to implement from our end (model files or texturing).
Thank you in advance

Michele Galmozzi - Leonardo SH


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