Crash When Aircraft is Default

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Crash When Aircraft is Default

Postby EllipticCurve » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:19 am


When our aircraft is set as the default, it crashes the sim on load. Note that the "Fly Now" UI is set to appear first and not directly load into the flight.

The P3D load screen appears first, then the "Loading terrain" progress bar appears for approx. 1 second and moves from 0 to 99% then disappears, then the UI disappears completely and leaves the P3D.exe process hanging in the background. It must be force-terminated.

This behavior is not encountered when a stock aircraft is used for the default flight.

When the aircraft is selected from the "Fly Now" screen, no crash is experienced.

What is special about loading of a default flight that causes this change in behavior and crash?
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