For topics related to the creation of simulation objects (SimObjects). This includes development of aircraft, ground, and maritime vehicles.
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Hi all,

First at all, I would like to aplogize in case this topic has been already either discussed or solved, but Im new guy in the block, so I kindly request you have some additional patience with me at the beggining.
Having said that, the case is that despite I am using P3D as a simmer just for flying for years, I decided to taste the experience of playing with the scenery using Simdirector addon.
I will summarize my enquiry:
The target: To place ballons from orbx library available in the menu of scenery to identify VFR references near the airport.
The problem: It seems that my whole scenery (airpot,plane....) are in a different system of coordinates than the expected real one, therefore when i insert latitude and longitude on the new points, the location is completly wrong.

Thanks in advance for your answers

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