FSR of SimDirector Mission Reverting position to 0N/0E

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FSR of SimDirector Mission Reverting position to 0N/0E

Postby jbullfrog98 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 5:48 pm

I created a SimDirector scenario (takeoff tutorial) with aircraft starting in Colorado. Everything functions correctly in Preview mode.
When i record the scenario (in SimDirector or P3D), however, and then load that FSR for playback, the aircraft position defaults to 0 degrees North, 0 Degrees South (over the equator). It remains in this position until airspeed exceeds 0 knots, then it immediately snaps back to Colorado. Same occurs if I end a scenario by stopping the aircraft in a parking spot. When i stop the aircraft (0 knots), it looks normal while recording. But in FSR playback, the aircraft snaps to 0N/0E.

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