Set weather using Lua script

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Set weather using Lua script

Postby charlie00123 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:28 pm

Greetings P3D community.
I am trying to implement user defined weather using SimConnect.
SimConnect has a function that takes METAR as argument and sets the weather as per METAR data.
But the METARs won't work as per given conditions, and they are not very friendly when it comes to modification.
For example in METAR i can set the cloud Type and height, but I am unable to set the coverage area and Base & Tops of the clouds (among some other issues).
I was searching on internet when I found a Github project which is using Lua scripting to change weather conditions. I know Lua a bit but not sure if we can use it to change weather settings. The Learning center doesn't say much about setting user defined weather using lua or some other scripting language i.e ActionScript.

Since the project was open source I'd like to share here for reference. If we can do so, where do we write a lua script so it sets the weather.

NOTE: I'm NOT going to Copy that project, neither am I stealing someone's code. I'm just studying it for learning purpose and sharing it so that someone from Lockheed Martin might take a look at it and guide us if there's a possibility of changing weather with Lua.

Thank you very much,


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