Runway Distance Remaining

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Runway Distance Remaining

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The P3dV5 SDK says Runway Distance Remaining Signs now supported.
There is nothing I can find that says how to enable/use these.
Is it just a matter of putting a Taxi Sign with Black background and White letters at the designated positions on runway edge ?
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Re: Runway Distance Remaining

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Hi bcars,

You can enable the distance remaining sign format in the TaxiwaySign label. There is a new 'x' label type for distance remaining signs (see Learning Center > Scenery Overview > TaxiwaySign).

The 'x' format will give you white lettering on a black background. The taxiway sign will also be created with the proper dimensions for distance remaining signs. The signs still need to be placed individually.

You can also enable double sided taxiway signs in the label using a '?' symbol between the two sides. Here is an example that will create a distance remaining sign with a 1 on the first side and a 10 on the second:

Code: Select all

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