weather ground textures with active sky

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weather ground textures with active sky

Postby Gilflyer » Sat Jan 09, 2021 1:08 pm

HI guys, been with p3d for a long time lots of addons pmdg lots of airports and scenery, My big problem with P3D is the ground scenery in the four seasons SPRING SUMMER AUTUM WINTER, Active sky gives you the ground wind speed wind at high altitude, when i fly from EGPH to EGLL in winter the ground is all white to EGLL which is incorrect, please develop a programme with active sky to give you the correct ground scenery during you flight where ever you go, please don't give me excuses about we cannot do it there is enough technology out for this to happen, I want real life in my flying, the airports need to be better, so get on with it while we are messaging each other, i don't like forums they give you false hope, lets make things better for the simmers out there ok all the best David Haynes.

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