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Postby FSMP » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:57 am

Looking at the website, it indicates that signing up as a "Solution Developer" is not yet available. ?

I also see comments about a new revision of P3D being close to release.

With no "Solution Developer" program yet in place, there would appear to be no way for any developers to determine, before a new release, what might have changed in that new release, that might affect a developer's project.


(1) Is there any advanced information available as to what changes will be in the new revision.

(2) Is there any mechanism for any developers, to comment on what is proposed in the next release, or make suggestions that might be considered in time for this next release.

or will next release just be, what it will be, and we will all find out what it will be, when it is released, when its a "done deal". (Not the best position for a developer to be in !)


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Postby Legacy Support » Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:20 pm

As soon as we are locked down on what will be in the next release, including a release date I will post the info. This will be in advance of the release. This release does include maintenance that is required for the baseline that we inherited so to be honest not a lot of room for any discussion on wishlist requirements anyway so no-one should feel as if we are ignoring them. The forums remain the best place to indicate features or requirements that organizations may need. We do go through them on a regular basis as the posts from the development team indicate.

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