Scenery rendering improvements.

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Postby FSMP » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:18 am

One cannot help to be impressed by the recently "Preview Screen Shots" released this month for Microsoft Flight.

Assuming they are real screen shots, and not some Photoshopped Graphic Artist's fantasy, it looks like MS FLIGHT is significantly improving their scenery, as compaired with FSX.

Hopefully P3D developers are keeping an eye on this, and consideration will be given to keeping up with, or better still, exceeding those improvements that MS Flight appears to be making.

I realize these are very early days yet for P3D, and a lot is being done in many areas, but I am bringing this up now, mainly to stiumulate some discussion and speculation, as to what & how, MS Flight may be doing, to get these improvements, and the direction that P3D is going in this area.

ie. Are we seeing the improvemenst of using Direct X 10 here, or is it more that this.?


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