"Entertainment Purposes" v Serious Simmers

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Simon Lyon
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I understand that your "not for entertainment purposes" agreement with Microsoft is a perfectly reasonable non-compete with general retail sales of FSX and Flight (which everyone I think expects to be more game than sim).

May we hope that anyone serious enough about simming to shell out 500 bucks will be taken to have stepped slightly beyond simple "entertainment" and so use by hard-core hobbyists might be tolerated (as long as they have the good sense not to log support calls!)?

After all, to get to that point they've almost certainly already bought FSX and won't be in the market for any game-oriented offerings from Microsoft.
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Post by Anxu »

I for one will just ignore MS Flight. It's vaporware at the moment and may never see the light of day. I bought FSX not to play game but to have a simulator. I was very disappointed at MS for dropping the product. I for one is willing to spend 500$ just to get a serious good product. However, I am not in the category of cockpit builder and gears. You can call me a casual flight simmer, who is serious about PC flight simulator, and is definitely not looking for a game ;)