CTD when line up

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Re: CTD when line up

Postby Kolos » Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:32 am

*1.78 ADE

*Aligned cross runway operations 16L takeoff, 22/23 for landing.
Using ADE default scenery library for buildings, modified taxiways, aprons, etc nothing special but essentialy important to fit my charts.

Now CTD's causing full computer restart!
(It never happened before)

Event viewer cause:

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Re: CTD when line up

Postby Kolos » Mon Sep 14, 2020 4:16 pm

I have found out two types of CTD:


Suspect that main CPU overheat. Since I have set maximum fan speed for cooling in BIOS, CTD's do not occur during cruise
/so seems to be not P3D issue/

Tokyo Haneda tower frequency from one day to another changes to some different frequency. When I pick it up and trying to
make contact with tower, P3D crashes. (Of course because that tower frequency definitely does not belongs to RJTT Haneda. But from where it comes from and why?) If I resume to default scenery same happens, so ADE should not be guilty. In my previous topic, already mentioned that sometimes any part of Japan, ATC instructs me to contact "Tokushima approach" which is totally crazy when flying several miles away from Tokushima.... This shows some typical P3D issue deep inside the program, instead of USB devices, addons etc. Something is going wrong with ATC in Japanese area.

Can I have some advice how to proceed?

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