The Need for an official location for fixed airports

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The Need for an official location for fixed airports

Postby rjord » Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:00 pm

With over 400,000 airports in the world, there is no way Lockheed can have every one of these in Prepar3d and have them 100% correct.

When loading up a stock airport into Airport Design Editor using Extremely Dense Settings you can see that most airports are actually very good, keeping in mind that over recent years many airports have modifications made to the airport. Generally, most airports will need tweaking when comparing to satellite maps..... you need to make sure the satellite map you use is fairly updated and not 10 years old.

I am currently fixing a couple of airports a day adding in aprons, taxiways, buildings, etc and there are many others fixing airports around the world.

What I would love to see is Lockheed put in place a website online where designers fix airports and upload the project to the Lockheed website which anyone can view and download the updated airport from. If someone else finds an issue with a completed airport, they fix the airport and upload as V2 and so on.

When Lockheed Martin is preparing for the next release update, they can review the changes to the airports and, if liked, add the fixed airports to the next update of Prepar3d.

This way we will get every airport in the world 100% correct in the flight simulator.

Also, if I am working on fixing Sydney airport for example, I should be able to log that information in online, reserving a maximum 14 day period for working on that airport, so that anyone else thinking of working on that airport will not replicate what someone else is doing. If changes are not uploaded in 14 days, that airport is freed up for someone else to work on.

This would allow Lockheed to spend time on other parts of the flight simulator while we the customers fix the airports ourselves.

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Re: The Need for an official location for fixed airports

Postby rjord » Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:49 pm

Fixing airports is actually pretty fun if you need a break from flying.

Below is an example of a local airport I fixed last night. As you can see in the screenshot the 4 buildings in the middle of the picture are not correctly placed with the satellite image. Takes a few seconds to drag each building to the proper position.

Moving those buildings reveals that I now have 5 parking spaces for aircraft which were not there before.... so a little more work required such as do I need an apron and of course a taxiway to connect to the rest of the airport.

One interesting thing I found with this airport was one of the buildings in the stock airport was a library object which was duplicated twice occupying the same space. So with the airports I am working on I am checking for any issues like this.


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