P3D V5.2 Initial impression

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P3D V5.2 Initial impression

Post by Ebertr »

Today I updated from 5.1 to 5.2. My initial impression is very positiv.

Updated components:
- P3D Client
- P3D Content

- P3D.cfg and shaders deleted

- ActiveSky P3D
- ASA (not sure if this still makes sense with EA)

- AI Lights Reborn

- ViewGroups and SinglePass configuration was takenover from 5.1

- EA seems to be much improved compared to 5.1
- Dynamic lights artifacts I was faced to are history
- Lower framerate (at least on ground), but very smooth
- Color shade more natural (to achieve these I was using a tweak with 5.1)
- New menu to change Dynamic lights setting live
- Taxi lights and landing lights illuminate the ground much better than with 5.1.

- Spot test of some AddOn airports. No problems encountered

Thunder lightning looks not very natural (in plain language said it's a disaster)

Waiting for an update of FFTF Dynamic. The noted lower frame rate might be related to this issue.

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Re: P3D V5.2 Initial impression

Post by Solu »

Yes the thunder lightning looks awful.

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Re: P3D V5.2 Initial impression

Post by Alox »

I think LM should keep working in the quality of the clouds, improving haze visibility, smooth transitions, thunder lightning i hope this will be implemented before the release of Directx 12 on MSFS.
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