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Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:12 am
by WBard
Developers and support personnel monitor these forums, who cannot answer "what license can I buy posts". You need to read over the material on the website and decide what license is applicable to you.

Our legal team has drafted the EULAs, and has created license comparison charts for you to review:

license comparison: ... omparison/

Also, our frequently asked questions page below answers many questions already:

Who can use Prepar3D® ?

Prepar3D is licensed for Simulation, Training and Learning:

Professionals – This license is intended for professional skills training. This group could include private pilots, commercial flight schools, military personnel, civil organizations such as firefighters/emergency response or students pursuing a technical degree or an advanced degree such as a masters or PhD.

Students – An academic license at a reduced price is available for educational purposes at the undergraduate college level and below (students in elementary, middle, high school or pursuing a bachelor’s degree). This is an extension of our philanthropic support for STEM education to engage the next generation of technologists and engineers.

Developers – For the individuals or companies who are interested in developing aircraft models, scenery, terrains and weather effects for Prepar3D, we offer a Prepar3D developer license.

Please be aware that the three license types have different end-user license agreements (EULAs) and usage restrictions. For more details, please review the License Comparison page.

Can Prepar3D be used for entertainment ?

No, Lockheed Martin does not offer Prepar3D for entertainment, and we have no plans to enter the entertainment space. The EULAs explain that Prepar3D can be used for purposes other than personal/consumer entertainment.

What are the differences between the Academic and Professional versions ?

The only technical differences in the software are that the Academic version has a different splash screen and a small watermark in the top-right corner of the main window. Please be aware that they have different EULAs and usage restrictions. Full details can be found on the License Comparison page.

Can Prepar3D be used at home ?

Prepar3D can be used in any location. Where you intend to use Prepar3D is not a consideration in the licensing EULAs; it only matters how the software will be used. As specified in the EULAs, Prepar3D can be used for purposes other than personal/consumer entertainment.